New Innovations and Technologies

With Kindle, you can download a book in less than a minute just about anywhere. Kindle is a wireless paperback-sized device which doesn’t need a computer to function. The device stores a book either internally or on a flash memory card. You can connect it to a computer with a USB cable to manage your content, but downloads are encrypted for copy protection. Thousands and thousands of Blogs, national magazines and newspapers are now possible for a nominal fee, with this device.

Hewlett-Packard (HP), which has the pride of inventing inkjet technology and DeskJet printer, plans to shut down some of its manufacturing facilities to reduce expenses and focus on core products as the printer industry matures because of fewer fresh inventions.

3D printing is a relatively new technology. It is considered as the physical version of a CAD file. The foundry, construction and automotive industries welcomes the 3D printing technology with open arms as this proves to make their process smooth, efficient and modernized and increases the speed in product development. They can use the 3D printers to print the CAD designed 3D models directly from a CAD file in order to show a finished product to the client before the work has begun. Rapid prototyping and Custom3D offers a fast professional, beneficial and confidential printing service. This Custom3D also provides affordable patent and design protection 3D printing services to the Institute of Inventors and Innovators. This technology is sure to reduce their massive time, labor and cost.

Connex500, a rapid prototyping 3D printing system of Objet Geometries Ltd, has the ability to print parts and assemblies made of several materials with different mechanical and physical properties in a single build process. The system thus enables the manufacture of 3-D parts using several different materials at the same time. In addition, the system allows users to create composite materials that have pre-set combinations of mechanical properties.

Objet’s Connex500 uses PolyJet Matrix Technology and the most significant Ultraviolet(UV) /Electron-beam (EB) technologies. The system’s PolyJet Matrix Technology jets materials in ultra-thin layers, immediately curing each layer with UV light, a process which yields models that closely imitate the appearance, feel and function of the end products.

The system has outstanding and trendsetting design quality recognized worldwide through assessment of the degree of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, durability, environmental compatibility and clarity of function. These features make the automotive, electronics, toy, consumer goods, and footwear industries in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan to salute this system.

Recently, Connex500 has been recognized for the red dot award, one of the highest and most popular honors for product design and innovation worldwide. It also deserves the pride for receiving this year’s RadTech USA Emerging Technologies Award which honors outstanding users of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technologies.

Connex500 system serves as one of the most innovative and high quality design advances of the past year in the printing industry. The system offers high resolution 3-dimensional printing solutions for rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing.

Saving Science And Technology – What Can You Do About It?

Science and technology is the backbone of world development. Countries that have enhanced science and technology are more developed compared to those that are yet to fully embrace it. This is the field that gives birth to the world’s most important innovations and inventions leading to solutions which make life better for everyone. Without science and technology, it would be practically impossible for the world to be where it is. However, education is important to bring this into realization. It is only through education that individuals get to know who they are, what they do best and what to do to rise to their full potential.

As a result of poverty, most children do not get the chance to rise even though they could be the world’s next innovators and inventors to offer more solutions to different kinds of situations. The lack of quality education comes in the way of the children and what science and technology can do for them. Less fortunate countries or third world countries have difficulties giving proper education to the children in the remote areas, yet there is a need to save science and technology for the sake of the future. Something can be done about this dire education need. Here is what you can do to make a difference:

Donate equipment: There are non-profit organizations brought together to offer education to the poor children through science and technology equipment. You can make your donations to such organizations to make it possible for the children to realize their dreams and become the professionals that can change the world. You can buy new equipment you wish to donate to the poor schools, give out your old equipment such as computers and laptops or work with the equipment lists given by the organization of your choice to purchase the equipment.

Make monetary donations: If you do not have any equipment that you can donate or you are not comfortable trying to purchase the needed materials, you can make monetary donations to the organizations. They eventually will use the money to buy the science and technology equipment schools need. They can include anatomy models, astronomy equipment and models, microscopes and physics kits among others.

Volunteer your time: Another good way of making a difference in the lives of needy children and in the process, saving science and technology, you can volunteer your time to work with the organizations. You can help in collecting the donated equipment and delivering them to the selected deserving schools. There are lots of stuff that individuals, groups and schools can do to assist the organizations reach their goals.

Apart from donating the equipment, making donations and volunteering time, corporate sponsorships can also greatly help in saving the future through science and technology. Other different kinds of services can be given for free. They can include starting a club, hosting competitions, free content writing and inspirational writing for the children as well as letting others know about such organizations and how they can help.

What is Going on With Real Internet Innovation and E-commerce?

Not long ago, I was discussing with a well-respected and successful Internet entrepreneur and thinker. His list of credentials exceeds just about anyone’s on the topic. We got to talking about the reality of innovation and adaptation online. We discussed mobile internet use, 4-G technologies, iPhones, touchpads, real-time GPS data, social networks and even e-commerce.

It was a brilliant conversation and well, it’s too bad you could not have been there, however in the future you might be able to tune into such dialogues where ever they may be held on your video iPhone conferences ap. So, think on that while I summarize what we discussed here.

The internet entrepreneur stated that we will soon have; “real-time E-Commerce as in (Have the coke you’re looking at in your hand in less than 30 minutes) Distribution Centers that can support this.

Indeed, I agree. Web Van was too early and ill-conceived, but I could have made it work without blowing a billion dollars in VC money. If Tom Monahan, a Catholic, could figure out a pizza in 30-minutes or less, yes, I believe you are right, why not? My city is very service oriented, I am certain you could order a six pack and it would be here in 30-minutes now. And soon you’ll be able to order it the park while you walk your dog with your Google Phone.

Of course the problem too is hackers, whether they are disruptive Chinese Patriotic Hackers, cyber thieves, or even cyber-warfare folks sponsored by a rogue nation-state somewhere in the world. Our internet entrepreneur stated: “Cyber warfare, the ability to work for an Indian company from Buffalo via a Wi-Fi network and if humankind is not careful, the worse form of debilitating singularity the feeble minds of billions can posses. I love the Internet.”

Well, I see many things happening already as a writer, but I am sure you see similar issues as the price point gets lowered due to bidding online, and an abundance of new English Speaking authors entering the fray. Eventually I think we will find AI writing fiction and non-fiction, the game is really getting interesting. AI cyber warfare bots signing up as friends on social networks, and using social engineering to gain information, thus, access too.

The entrepreneur of advanced internet technologies noted that innovation in corporations has become a corporate buzz-word with bullet points, not the revolutionary force needed to compete in the new paradigm of the interactive internet. He explained that if the rest of civilization was up to speed with the level of innovation online, we’d have sustainable transportation in the US and better land use and development, along with high speed rail too.

That is doable, I agreed, and it would be more efficient, so there is a good chance for it – sometime in the future. All that’s needed is a visionary entrepreneur to bring that to America on a large scale, since it is already happening in many places on a small scale, then duplicated, and copied. I can see that concept taking off and I asked; have you put pen to paper with a plan?

Efficiency in a civilization helps us do all we do better, why not merge the internet to solve real problems in the real world; I mean think about Overstock [dot] com and their model, or all the non-profits gathering up end of the day Starbucks unsold items, or food co-ops etc, and that happens every day in the US on a small scale, in many other countries, it’s just a necessity, they cannot afford to waste anything if there are people starving.

We need to be thinking here and merge these realities and blend a better future without blurring our life experience, please consider all this.