Innovation and Refinement – The Philosophy of Seiko

Watches are rudiments for men and women, as they are obligatory for every wardrobe. They represent the style declaration, and their functions fulfill the requirements of the wearer. Technology has brought revolution in the watch making industry, and manufacturers are making more classy watches today. Seiko is known as the best company in watch making, as it did not stop at one technology, and opened the extending horizons of innovation, and refinement from its first watch until now.

Seiko is a Japanese word, which means exquisite, minute, or success. Kintaro Hattori started the company in 1881 in the Ginza area of Tokyo. Seiko is a brand committed to perfection, innovation, and refinement. Its collection marks an extension of the innovation, and refinement philosophy that has made Seiko so successful, since it was executed.

Innovation has been a corner stone of history of Seiko since its initiation. In search of perfection and determined quest for innovation, Seiko has made giant strides in watch making. Innovation and refinement come from the concerted efforts of people. As a socially conscious enterprise, the team always endeavors to create advanced electronic products that can contribute to society, increase human productivity, and upgrade the quality of life. By pioneering innovative ideas, Seiko instruments have earned a reputation as the principle trendsetter in our industry.

Philosophy of Seiko is based on commitment to brilliance to its customer contentment through total devotion to quality, and product innovation. With a view to combine beauty with elegance, it has introduced new concepts.

As this brand is committed to perfection, in order to provide the best and outstanding results, innovation and refinement, or in other words, technological efforts mingled with extreme consideration to design, have become the two undividable terms describing the new development orientation of Seiko, a direction marked by a move up market on all levels.

The re-qualification attempt touches all features of the brand, merchandising (passing from a price-oriented approach to a design-oriented philosophy) to after-sales services (earlier centered on repair, but now mainly based on customer satisfaction). It also includes technological development based on the desires of the client, design conceived, and executed according to very particular targets, which is shifting from quantity to quality. This policy aims to strengthen the image of the Seiko brand around the world, in order to gradually develop the value of Seiko brand, in time, and to improve profits.

These days, companies must come up to issues with a flexible approach, maintaining a keen awareness of ever-changing market trends. Individual employees must proactively develop their attentiveness, work habits, and sustain the desire to excel. Employees must become forward-thinking leaders, frequently working to improve the corporate climate in order to achieve growth. It is due to such innovation within Seiko that it has made up its name worldwide, and still has the impression of perfection within its products. In addition, to improve the image of the brand further, Seiko Watch Corporation is always committed to show its powerful expression of their Innovation & Refinement strategy.