Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Products Which Are Innovative and Environmentally Friendly

Eco-Friendly, That’s the buzzword for these days. Being ecologically aware is more than knowing the color green. It is a major focus of consumers and innovative manufacturers.

Because of the keen awareness of consumer issues, innovative products have been designed and created which were therapeutic, comforting and supportive, and now with the new Polar Foam, more ecologically friendly.

Some of these products called Eco Foam, Polar Foam Memory products are now Eco Friendly and environmentally responsible.

These Polar Foam products are not only eco-friendly but innovative. Laboratory research shows it to be four times cooler that traditional Visco foam. They provide the support of traditional memory foam yet stays cool at the same time.

They are manufactured using two innovative green technologies. In one, they replace a significant amount of petrochemical based polyol with natural, renewable plant based material formulations.
In the second technology, they recycle a product created by normal foam manufacturing, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Eco FoamĀ® is made with Bio-164 which is a 100% natural proprietary blend of Magnoliopsida class plant oils. This advanced blend of plant oils is used to replace nearly 13% of the petroleum based polyol that is used to produce this foam technology.

The Polar Foam product range includes, Snore-No-More Pillow, Polar Foam Bed Pillow, and Multi Zone 2 Inch Mattress Pads.

You’ll sleep even better knowing features NEW Eco-Friendly Memory Foam. Significant amounts of the petroleum-based materials traditionally used were replaced with plant based renewable, raw materials. Be sure to check our site