Do Not Worry About the Future – Innovation and Technology Will Solve Those Issues

We are told that Global Warming will drown Earth Civilizations and that within 150-years mankind’s emissions of green house gasses will be the cause. We are told that we will drive off a “climate cliff” so of course, we “must” act now; who says? Ice Ages come and go, so do mini-ice-ages, and within 150-years we will be able to control such things with our technology.

If global warming is a long-term problem, then we should not jump to conclusions and destroy our economic base or our industrial capacity, simply due to fear mongering propaganda by those that wish to transfer wealth and power from the current energy industry leaders, and put that power into their own pockets under the guise of alternative energy and saving the earth.

You must realize that the Earth has gone through cycles over the last 5.5 billion years. These cycles will come and go with or without humans. And if humans were to leave tomorrow the cycles would continue regardless. We don’t have to worry about the future, we need to worry about the present, the human race is quite capable of coming up with new innovations and technologies to solve all of their problems.

What we must be very careful in doing is not to pretend a theoretical fallacy or some doom-and-gloom scenario, which doesn’t exist in order to push us to do the right thing. We all know that polluting our water and air is a dumb thing to do, so we should mitigate our pollution simply for that reason. And we should not reward those who have purported the insanity of the global warming scenario with our scientific funding, stimulus monies, taxpayer’s dollars, were turned over our civilization to them.

Although, the solution is not completely simple, it isn’t that difficult either. Those old fossil fuels which everyone criticizes can be used and we can promote a smooth transition using current technologies, and new technologies that we create in the next 10 years. We can burn coal for energy, which currently makes up over 60% of the energy we use in the United States, and we can burn it clean, while still allowing alternative energy to advance without bringing unproven technologies into our energy infrastructure.

We should not worry about the future, we should not assume incredible rises in sea level, and we should not destroy all that we’ve built or our stability economically on a wild fantasy. Indeed, I hope you will please consider this.